If I wasn't famous this probably wouldn't be interesting but since I am...
  1. For starters, this hat
  2. Xian in Beverly Hills
    The Brussels sprouts (didn't travel well); power zone rice (a staple in the neurotic Jewish Westside home); beef tenderloin, double order of chicken potstickers
  3. Pitfire pizza
    The best reliable california style farmers market-y pizza in the city. Is cold to the touch upon arrival but warms up nicely in a toaster
  4. Clover juice
    The Popsicles (travel beautifully)
  5. True foods kitchen
    The bison burger (travels okay); edamame dumplings (made for the road)
  6. Hugo's
    Gluten free pasta mama; orange mustard chicken (gorgeous travel)
  7. Via alloro
    Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms; rigatoni with turkey sausage and pink sauce (built for the road. All pastas truly are postmateable)
  8. Okay have a good one I'd love to hear from my fellow shut ins what they like to get at postmates