Everybody loves a good star war. But which star war is the best?
  1. Star Trek
    Spock, Worf, Sulu, Kirk. All classic characters, all share exactly2 things in common- Stars and Wars. This show is the quintessential Star War.
  2. Star Wars
    I mean, it's got "Star War" in the title- come on.
  3. WALL-E
    This Pixar classic sees a scrappy robot named WALL-E murder his creator in cold blood, and it's up to detective Spooner, portrayed by the talented actor Will Smith, to investigate. But will he quell the rebellion - or will he start it ??
  4. Blade Runner
    I've never actually seen Blade Runner
  5. World War II
    There may not be any stars involved, but boy is this one a war! ...I don't have a lot of ideas for this list