maybe they already do, i haven't done my research.
  1. a freshly blown out candle
    i'm really passionate about turning this into a reality
  2. gasoline
    this is for the more adrenaline seeking candle connoisseurs who aren't afraid to test their luck
  3. freshly cut grass
    i don't really care about this one, i'm just trying to appeal to the masses here
  4. aqua reef deodorant
    if it's good enough for my armpits, it's good enough for a candle
  5. belgian waffles
    the only waffle for me
  6. a crisp dollar bill
    do crisp dollar bills have scents?
  7. new book smell
    shower your nose as you shower your mind
  8. my preschool teacher
    jk she smelled like stale cigarettes