my parents had the foresight to immortalize our awkward phases by encouraging us to take the same photo in the same spot in our grandparents' neighborhood for the last 16 years. welcome to windward cove.
  1. 2000: feast your eyes upon matt and jon (twins, age 7) and julie (age 3).
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  2. 2001: this marks the beginning of a multi year journey into velcro fashion, which is probably the reason why matt is crying.
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  3. 2002: grabbing my crotch, before we had established this was to be a family friendly photo series.
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  4. 2003: visiting our grandparents always meant a lot of swimming and a lot of tennis.
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  5. 2004: i feel like this a year that matt and i looked the most similar. after that, it was always, "omfg r u srsly twins?!"
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  6. 2005: more swimming, more tennis.
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  7. 2006: there are actually only 15 photos over the course of 16 years. this was the year that my grandfather died.
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  8. 2007: i think this was my first awkward phase (there were two) and i sincerely apologize for what you are seeing before you.
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  9. 2008: i wore that same bathing suit every summer for the next five years.
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  10. 2009: i didn't smile here because i had braces and i thought it made me look bad (it did).
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  11. 2010: senior year of high school for matt and i, and eight grade for julie. a pivotal year for us all.
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  12. 2011: winter break during freshman year of college. for the first time in my life, i felt "cool".
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  13. 2012: i think this was my second awkward phase. i ended up getting my eyebrow pierced a few weeks later.
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  14. 2013: my grandmother bought me that denim shirt in anticipation of my semester abroad. i left for denmark (with @Nathaniel!) a few days after this photo was taken.
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  15. 2014: back from denmark, and now i get my hair cut short on the sides, long on top, just like the danes do.
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  16. 2015, part 1: for the first time since this photo series began, matt, julie, and i took separate trips. she was a freshman in college, and we were freshmen in real life.
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  17. 2015, part 2: the most recent photo, dated february of this year. here's to 16 more!
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