~~in my opinion~~
  1. synesthesia
    when stimulation of one sense stimulates another sense. you see colors. you taste sounds. days of the week have personalities. i want synesthesia so badly, it hurts.
  2. congenital analgesia (inability to feel pain)
    speaking of hurting, this is actually super life threatening, cause we need to feel pain to keep out of danger. you might not know you have broken ribs or internal organ damage or something else that's supposed to alert you to get medical attention. and that sucks.
  3. prosopagnosia (face blindness)
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    you can see the features that make up someone's face but can't perceive that face as a whole. you can't even recognize you own kids. it's kind of like how i can describe the upside-down face to the right but not be able to recognize that it's george bush.
  4. dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder)
    everyone experiences dissociation to some degree, like when you reach a destination after driving and realize you did half of the trip unconsciously. imagine if you did that on the reg and another personality took its place.
  5. foreign accent syndrome
    you develop a foreign accent after brain trauma. if i ever fall into a coma, i better wake up from it sounding british.