It's amazing to me how list types have evolved and codified. Suggestions welcome
  1. The classic "Top 5" or "Top 10"
    A framework we all know and understand. Has an air of immutability that makes suggestions seem unwelcome.
  2. The "one-shot"
    Lists that are actually tweets, but you'd rather share them with the list app community. Funny that when presented with the opportunity to organize groups of objects/ideas, so many of us immediately think "what if I just put one item on a list?"
  3. The "list about lists"
    This very list being a prime example. Our brains are wired for pattern recognition, and lists of lists are pattern porn.
  4. The "how to" / "what to do"
    One of my favorites, because I feel like I'm learning from incredibly knowledgable, worldly mentors. Need travel tips for Rwanda? @Anne has you covered. Hungry? Check in with @hillarykerr etc. etc.
  5. The "personification of inanimate objects"
    This type is really coming on strong lately, with great entries from @Jim (speed limits) and @johnaugust (notes in musical scale) that eerily echo my own sentiments
  6. The "niche"
    The beauty of lists about incredibly, insanely specific things is that they reveal other peoples' interest in subjects we thought no one else cared much about. Not surprisingly, these lists tend to be the most revealing, and the most earnest.
  7. The "rant"
    Politics, headaches at work, troubles with the love life... they all get a proper list-lashing from time to time, and I think that's healthy
  8. The "choose your own adventure"
    A category currently dominated by a single list-apper: @sloan Full of if/then/else navigation that makes the coder in me blush. Suggestion credit: @Jim
  9. The short story
    More artful than a "niche" list, these pieces are tiny, beautifully crafted worlds in list form, and they take your breath away. See @zoe foe the ultimate example.
    Suggested by @hillarykerr
  10. The "bit"
    going for laughs from start to finish. there are so many pros at this, I rarely dare try