I'm wholly unqualified to author this list (but I can't refuse a request from H). All-black everything.
  1. Chuck Taylors (black - high)
    Rip out the white laces they come with and put in a decent black pair. Presto! You're now a bass player.
  2. Rag & Bone officer boot (lace-up)
    Searched the world for the perfect pair of simple black leather boots. Found 'em. You're welcome. (and thank you @hillarykerr)
  3. Levi's 511 Black Jeans
    Everyone's got a number, mine happens to be 511. Stop overthinking it.
  4. Acne UPS Jeans
    I used to have a rule about not spending more than $X on jeans. I don't have that rule anymore.
  5. American Apparel (Summer Shirt)
    It just so happens that this thing fits me perfectly. Trash it, wash it a million times, still great.
  6. Grover (pocket T)
    I don't know if pockets are in style or not but I'm 400% sure that I love this T-shirt. Most comfortable thing I wear all week.