The US version, and in no particular order.
  1. Dinner Party
    Probably my overall fav. Tightly written, brilliantly acted, Dwight with a massive Turkey leg.
  2. Money
    Schrute Farm gets another episode, and we get more of Mose! Michael's second job at night leads to one of my favorite conference room scenes: the "whoever/whomever" discussion. And then there's "I declare BANKRUPTCY!"
  3. The Return
    So much in this one. Andy's meltdown. Jim and Pam pranking together again. Lemoñadé (and BJ Novak's wonderful shrug to the camera). Officer and a Gentleman music when Michael fetches Dwight. Angela offering Oscar a spot on the PPC.
  4. The Injury
    An all-time great. Rainn Wilson's concussed Dwight is one of the best moments from this show. And Jim with the spray bottle is a great touch.
  5. The Dundies
    This is truly when the show broke from the UK version and became its own. The first great Pam-Jim episode.
  6. Casino Night
    The kiss that shook the world. Preceded by the confession that altered the show. "Old friends, new lovers, and the disabled!"
  7. Beach Games
    Try to count the number of times that Pam sneers. And Andy doing the back-stoke in a sumo suit has to be one of my favorite moments of the show.
  8. Fun Run
    Meredith's stunned face as she lies on Michael's windshield after getting hit makes me laugh every time I watch this episode. Nipple chafing. And our favorite couple is together and happy!
  9. Goodbye Toby
    Andy's horrific proposal to Angela makes Jim abort his planned proposal to Pam. Dwight's hazing of Holly works out perfectly and Kevin plays into it unwittingly.
  10. Niagara
    The best wedding we weren't invited to.
  11. Stress Relief
    Michael's roast and Pam's parents are the meat of the episode, but Dwight's fire drill, his attack on the CPR dummy and his parallel scoldings at corporate are my favorite parts.
  12. Cafe Disco
    The music is fun, and it turns out Jim isn't a great dancer. The Halperts are true dorks and figure out they don't really want to elope. Michael's efforts to allow people to have fun after Charles' reign of terror are to be applauded.
  13. Garage Sale
    Jim's episode-long prank on Dwight is one of my favorites. The episode is known for Michael's proposal and announcement, which both change the show.
  14. Goodbye Michael
    Michael's plan to leave early and Jim's discovery of that plan were brilliant script choices. And Pam's last-minute shoe-less goodbye to Michael is one of the series' tear-jerking moments.
  15. Dwight K. Schrute (Acting Manager)
    The North Korea-style portraits of Dwight are amazing, and I want one for my office. The various Schrute touches he adds to the office are nice, and it makes me wish the show runners had kept Dwight on as manager.
  16. Garden Party
    The Andy stuff is cringe-inducing, but Dwight's various Garden Party events are what make the episode memorable.
  17. AARM
    He still had the card.
  18. Finale
    Gutenpranken, Brautentfahrt and the reappearance of Michael Scott. It's not the greatest finale ever but it was just about perfect for this show. I can't watch it that often as it leaves me a bit gutted. That last scene and Pam's final line are triumphs.