My favorite episodes in chronological order. This is an organic list, added to as I go through a re-watch.
  1. Charlie Got Molested - 1.7
    First appearance of the McPoyles.
  2. The Gang Goes Jihad - 2.2
    Bag of poop.
  3. The Gang Gives Back - 2.6
    Charlie's drunk basketball ref and the Vietnamese gamblers.
  4. Charlie Goes America All Over Everyone's Ass - 2.9
    The McPoyles' great return and Frank channels the Deer Hunter.
  5. The Gang Gets Held Hostage - 3.4
    Margaret McPoyle's lip smacking becomes a thing and Dee creatively uses Stockholm Syndrome.
  6. Sweet Dee's dating a retarded person - 3.9
    Electric Dream Machine, their Ziggy Stardust inspired costumes and the song "Day Man" are the icing on an episode that has more ridiculousness than normal. Which is a good thing.
  7. The Gang Gets Whacked Pt. 2 - 3.13
    Rickety Crickets gets someone else's comeuppance. Each member of the gang debases themselves horribly. It's everything you want and expect from a IASIP episode.
  8. Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City - 3.14
    Charlie as Serpico.
  9. Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia - 4.8
    If anyone asks you to show them an episode that proves the gang are the worst, most depraved and sociopathic people in the world, this would be a leading candidate. Negative: Frank sits this one out.
  10. Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack - 4.10
    The change from cold open to title card is a classic. The Steve Winwood CD for spin class. Frank ODing on anxiety meds leading to the BEAUTIFUL Cuckoo's Nest tribute. Charlie's mail "system" and his subsequent breakdown It's all here. So much amazing in this ep.
  11. The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis - 5.1
    The final scene, when the guys crash Dee's gig as a surrogate is a microcosm of the show: all five are horrible people and have zero compunctions about what affect their actions have on others. Also: bird law.
  12. The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention - 5.4
    Or a roast, as Frank mistakenly assumes. His behavior throughout the episode is a wonder to behold, and instead of helping him, the Gang ends up joining him in his can-of-wine debauchery. Amazing and disgusting stuff.
  13. Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens - 5.8
    The merchandising ideas the gang come up with are perfect, and it's always great to see the Attorney. But the cold opening with Charlie's video does it to me every time.
  14. The Gang Buys a Boat - 6.3
    The horse massacre under the boat is classic Charlie as is his mistaking barnacles for "little delicious oysters." Dennis' love for Steve Winwood comes up again.
  15. Who Got Dee Pregnant? - 6.7
    A Rashomon style retelling of something that happened at the Halloween party.