I feel strange putting "my weekend" in all caps because every day is sort of my weekend and also my weekday, but if that's the title our fearless leader @bjnovak gives us then...
  1. Friday night, Gallery night
    Went to an art opening for a Los Angeles street scene photographer from the 60s and 70s. Had a lot of cheap white wine. Heard a lot of stories about the Malibu colony. Met a lot of eccentric people who don't realize we are actually in a new century. It was fantastic.
  2. Worked on my play
    Yes, I wrote a play. It goes up in a month. It's called RIVER PHOENIX IS DEAD. Everybody should come see it. www.UnscreenedLA.com
  3. Kicked ass at soccer
    No, but seriously. Sometimes I get too in my head during a game, but I just let all my troubles go for a change and went for it. Literally. And we won. Sort of a metaphor in a Kevin Costner movie sort away?
  4. Had dinner with @magdalenam @mandi & @bonifaceviii
    Where we met Magda's guy. Decided he was worthy of her. Grilled him when she went to the bathroom. Grilled her when he went to the bathroom. And then had flan.
  5. Woke up way too early to do work
    Because I have the work ethic of a Puritan. Because I have anxiety issues that make sure I don't sleep. Because I only feel like I've gotten something done during the day if I get some writing logged.
  6. Watched Absolute Beginners
    One of the best movie musicals ever made. It's a huge mess. The colors are garish. The performances are way too big. The 80s really have no idea how to do the 50s. But David Bowie's in it. And Ray Davies. And it's the greatest thing since The Apple.
  7. End of the season soccer lunch
    Had mimosas. Won an award. Talked about all the people who weren't there. Named my team for the Labor Day tournament the Ashley Madisons. And then Instagramed a picture so it actually happened.
  8. Watched The Man From UNCLE
    I have literally no idea what this movie was about, but Henry Cavill is just so very attractive, and he does meta-Cary Grant well, and his eyes are so blue, and he really fills out a suit, and… suddenly the credits were rolling.
  9. Watched Straight Outta Compton
    Because I hate being the last one to know what everybody is talking about.
  10. Learned One Direction broke up
    And now I understand how my parents felt during that whole Beatles thing. Come console me, gummy bears.