1. Morning
    You wake up and realize you have no real reason to wake up. Or you have a reason to wake up and it's terrible. Also you wake up alone. And then you flip through your Facebook feed and everybody's life seems to be going better than yours. And you forgot to buy milk so you have your coffee black and your cereal dry. Then you start your day.
  2. Noon
    Another Trader Joe's meal. So much sodium but so cheap. Emails from your agent about jobs you didn't get, meetings that will never happen. Maybe Starbucks will help. Maybe I should get a dog. If I go to the gym will my endorphins kick in? Maybe. But then they don't. Nap.
  3. Night
    A different Trader Joe's meal. Warm this time. Not a salad. Warm meals are supposed to be comforting, right? Responding to emails starts to feel so heavy. Watching Netflix feels like giving up. Go for a walk. Everybody is walking a dog in a couple. Revisit this dog idea. But you really can't afford a dog. Get ready for bed. Put on your college tshirt. You feel like you were happy in college but that was a while ago. Think about your day. Too much. Maybe tomorrow will be better.