There's is only one brand of cold cut and that is Boars Head Brand
  1. Maple honey with fresh mozzarella on Italian bread w/ mayo
  2. Meatball hero
  3. Vietnamese sandwich
  4. Classic grilled cheese
  5. Peanut butter (Jif) and jelly ( I like a four fruit preserve from Bonne Mamam or smuckers.
  6. Chicken cutlet on Italian bread. With this sandwich there is plenty of room to get creative. Hot peppers , various cheeses as condiments. I like to really let my pallet go wild with this one.
  7. Roast beef , gravy , mozzarella best served by John's deli and panini rustico
  8. OG Italian hero. This when you take every cold cut available to you and carefully construct is on a beautiful piece of tuna bread.
  9. Tuna on bagel. I like my tuna with some mayo and little Lemon juice. None of this tuna salad business adding all kinds of non sense.
  10. Bagel sandwiches in general- take everything I just listed on put it on a bagel gamer changer.