Because lists always end up how we intended them.
  1. Notice I need something.
  2. Write that something on a(n) piece of paper, app, back of deposit slip, etc.
  3. Spend next half day frantically searching house, car, neighbors house for more "needed" things.
  4. Go to store.
  5. Get sidetracked by the absolutely precious puppies/kitties in the back of the store parking lot.
  6. Keep one. Because your menagerie needs another mouth to feed.
  7. Set the cute little mongrel in the car, asking it politely not to make a mess.
  8. Go home because you've been productive enough for the day.
  9. Cuddle contentedly.
  10. Google presh pet names.
  11. Go to bed.
  12. "Wait, I needed things IN the store...."