I moved here in October after 10 years in DC and 20 outside of Boston, and I'm not going back.
  1. I spent far more minutes per day swearing profusely in DC traffic than I do here.
  2. I don't miss the seasons and no longer believe people who say otherwise.
  3. People drink less here, and I think they're on to something.
  4. I can walk to Starbucks.
  5. I cannot walk or drive to Dunkin' Donuts because only one exists, in Santa Monica. This is so far the worst thing about LA.
  6. This isn't any more of an industry town than DC or San Francisco (or NY), and feels less so because it's more spread out.
  7. This place looks like a ghost town before 10am. Maybe 11 on Saturdays.
  8. I miss crowds and noise and speed and busyness so much less than I thought I would.
  9. I've found the paparazzi to be super chill and respectful of my space.
  10. I feel no anxiety about avoiding work to sit outside and respond to a list request at 4:30pm on a Monday