Some Good Podcasts

Everyone pods their own way. This is the way I pod.
  1. Harmontown
    Dan Harmon is an absurd lunatic who is also an inspired comedy genius. There is almost no planning that goes into the show which can be its downfall and its greatness. Hear Dan, Will Forte and Jason Sudekis improvise a Broadway play based on what Will thinks The Goonies was about.
  2. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
    Pete is a stand up comic who found real fandom as a host. His show is based around long form funny conventions with funny people. However he has set bits where he forces funny people to discuss death, religion, consciousness, and often psychedelic drugs. Hear Pete dig through 20 years of instance stories around the iconic comedy/music venue The Largo with owner Mark Flannagan.
  3. Comedy Bang Bang
    Scott Aukerman or if your in on shit- Hot Saucerman - is an absurdist purist. With the right guest they can do two hours of conversation that is almost entirely nonsense. Improvising an interview that goes from weird to also weird. Hear Scott and Adam Scott talk about anything (nothing) and U2.