An attempt at a positive affirmation list.
  1. Rehearsals for "Harvey" start tomorrow.
    Get to see old friends, and meet some new people. Keep busy doing something I love to do.
  2. Meet with a Producer about a job.
    A film is being shot on location near where I live. My local connections have gotten me a shot at being hired on to work with the Props & Scene Design department.
  3. Open up a new savings account with a Credit Union and meet with financial advisor.
    Did all my banking out of my business account, for a business that went under over 4 months ago. Looking to switch to a credit union with more perks and safeguards. And to meet with an a debt relief advisor in advance of an upcoming meeting with the CPA my (nearly ex) wife & I are using for our joint 2015 tax return. Will definitely be easier for me to have hope about making financial progress once I have everything laid out and plan to attack it.
  4. Getting out of the house to exercise at least twice this week.
    Working out at home is tedious and limited. Think getting out and playing tennis or going for jogs near the river will be a nice change of pace to get me even more committed to my fitness.
  5. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor to restart meds.
    I have been on and off this year with my depression and anxiety meds. Currently off for over a month and realize that even without insurance I can't not afford to stay on my meds right now.
  6. Opening up to at least my parents and at least two other close friends or family members.
    Need to catch them up on what's going on with me right now and get some things off my chest. Been living far too much in my own head.
  7. The return of "Halt & Catch Fire" on AMC.
    For the third and likely final season of the fantastic drama set in the 1980s world of computer & technology boom.