I guess this could be the start of having one.
  1. I would like to agree to teach or train someone to do something and have them ask me "When do we start?" To which I would reply in dramatic fashion "We just did." Along with a corresponding action or demonstration related the subject at hand.
  2. Planning and preparing a thematic 7 course meal for a dinner party.
    Something classy, unexpected, delicious and fun.
  3. Investigate and solve a cold case.
    Doesn't have to be something as grisly as murder.
  4. Drive a race car on a race track.
    Not picky and I don't have any interest in racing sports. I just like to drive fast.
  5. Play one of my favorite of the great Shakespearean roles.
    Hamlet, Henry V, Benedick, Malvolio
  6. Visit Italy with the woman I love.
  7. Vote for a woman of color for President of the U.S.
    Preferably one who wins the office.
  8. Vote for an openly non-heterosexual person for President of the U.S.
    Could even be the woman of color mentioned above.
  9. Throw out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game.
    Preferably a World Series game.