A snapshot of my Fashion Aesthetic over the years in specific pictures.

Only scratches the surface.
  1. Circa 1987
    Big Wheel. Classic tube socks. Teal clothing.
  2. Circa 1990
    Neon & brightly colored beach wear. LA Gear high tops.
  3. Circa 1992
    Silk shirt inspired by Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Hair inspired by Jason Priestley.
  4. Circa 1994
    Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic jersey. Nike sandals with socks(Facepalm). Apex Texas Longhorns cap. Down Oakley knock-off sunglasses. Jorts. Admittedly this was a summer vacation look. Or so I tell myself.
  5. Circa 1998
    Facial hair. Lots of grey tees, usually for a college or a band. Khakis. The watch was not digital, more classic design but had a picture of a young Bob Dylan on the faceplate.
  6. Circa 2014
    Scarface look. Grey suit. Paisley shirt. Gold sunglasses. My then fiancé didn't quite like this look.