Brands/Products I am loyal to.

  1. Bic Atlantis pens
    I almost exclusively use blue ink and I love these so much.
  2. ALL laundry detergent
    The free clear variant.
  3. Sabra hummus
    I get the classic and then add my own spices and flavors.
  4. Duracell batteries
  5. Little Debbie snacks
    Never cared much for Hostess products.
  6. Dawn dish soap
  7. Dove men's body wash
  8. Clear shampoo and conditioner
  9. Newman's Own
    I like several of their products and love the work they do for charity.
  10. Blue Bell Ice Cream
    The absence of their products last year due to contamination in the factories was awful. So happy they are back and as good as ever.
  11. Maker's Mark
    I don't drink anymore, but this was my Kentucky native grandmother & mother's choice of Bourbon handed down to me.
  12. Pizza Hut
    My favorite chain pizza place, and that isn't a qualifying statement, I genuinely love their pizza.