Casting my life story as if it were a biopic being made today.

Screenplay written by me of course but directed by John Slattery (Yes, Roger Sterling also directs).
  1. Me (age 18-24) Josh Hutcherson
    Peeta can gain a lot more grown up cred by tackling these wild, tragic, and heavy years of my life.
  2. Me (age 10-13) Finn Wolfhard
    The outstanding young actor from Netflix's Stranger Things would be great at capturing some formative and traumatic years in my life.
  3. Me (age 30-34)
    I would have to play myself for the final chapters of my life so far.
  4. My father, John (in his 30s/40s): Andrew Lincoln
    I think he could actually cover the territory throughout, even up to age 60 which is how my father currently is.
  5. My mother, Janet (all ages) Sandra Bullock
    Think a blue collar Leigh Ann Tuohy.
  6. My brother, Travis (age 16-19): Owen Teague
    Best know for his work on Netflix's "Bloodline" he would easily be able to sink his teeth into the role of my charismatic but trouble younger brother.
  7. My maternal grandmother, Elizabeth: Imelda Staunton
    No, my grandmother was nothing like that character Staunton is famous for from Harry Potter.
  8. My paternal Grandfather, Bob: John Slattery
    Just a cameo for the director playing a deeply flawed man.
  9. My close friend & mentor, Engela: Julianne Moore
    A dancer, actor & teacher.
  10. My close friend & mentor, John: Paul Giamatti
    Playwright, director, and gregarious Everyman.
  11. My friend, Danne: Mark Rylance
    Classy, talented, and fun retired school teacher.
  12. My cousin Stephanie: Jena Malone
    As close to me as a sister, married & pregnant at 18, rocky relationships and substance abuse, but overcomes it and eventually is my Best Man at my wedding.
  13. My wife (soon to be ex) Lizzie: Rachel McAdams
    She had long been one of biggest and deepest Hollywood crushes. Early on in dating my future wife she told me jokingly that she wanted to look like Rachel McAdams when she grew up. Only seems fitting to cast such a beauty and talent here, although as amazing as she is still doesn't match up to the real thing.
  14. My wife Lizzie in her younger years: Kiernan Shipka
    Perfect for a few backstory/establishing scenes of her life long before we met.