1. Sleep disturbance
  2. Isolation
  3. Giving away possessions
  4. No interest in anything
  5. Speaking of no future
  6. Static
  7. There are other signs and things to watch for such as:
  8. Someone who has struggled with depression or other mental health issues, including signs of self-harm suddenly seeming better and calmer.
    It doesn't necessarily mean that person is actually feeling or doing better or healthier than they were. Sometimes it is simply a mechanism they use to put their loved ones at ease so they can proceed with their suicidal plans with less scrutiny. I experienced this first hand with my brother and a some friends. And I heard the sentiment echoed over and over in Suicide survivor groups.
  9. Be vigilante with your loved ones in trouble. There is no line you would ever regret crossing to keep someone alive.
  10. On a personal note, thank you for the kind comments and messages. It's a hard topic to discuss even if you've never been directly affected by Suicide. Sharing is the least I can do.
  11. Static