But don't necessarily judge anyone else for being into it.
  1. Prisma photo app
  2. Bill Clinton
    Make no mistake I am 💯% #WithHer But I still think he is a classless buffoon who lucked into so much success.
  3. Jill Stein & Gary Johnson supporters. Bernie or Bust-ers.
    Okay there settle down you rebels. Yeah the system is rigged, and all politicians lie, including your candidates. I voted for Nader in 2000 for my first Presidential Election. I get it, but Hillary could have a stroke tomorrow and still be the most qualified candidate by far in this election.
  4. Me being sick. 🤒
    I've been sick since Saturday. Thought I was getting better today but back to feeling like crap and not sleeping and running a fever again. Just got over a tooth infection a few weeks ago. I've got too much mental illness to deal with right now. Give me a break already. 🙏