A few thoughts after a long day & night.
  1. You can pay for peace. And you should. But in a world dominated by inequality, entropy and chaos are sure to follow.
  2. I got home from dress rehearsal this evening to find my parents glued to the TV watching news coverage in Dallas. It’s pure chaos. A reliable timeline of events will be hard to cull while emotions are flaring.
  3. If the reports are true that 4 police officers have been shot dead and 7 others injured from gunfire during a confrontation between protesters and Dallas P.D. well that is absolutely a tragic & very unfortunate event. I mourn their lives & loss, and absolutely wish this did not happen.
  4. And yet I hate to be cynical because this will just further galvanize the naysayers and racists and all those eager to support the police mostly white folks who want to silence those speaking out against the systematic prejudice, brutality, and violence epidemic that disproportionately affects people of color in this country.
  5. A cousin of mine who lives in Dallas, and is sheltered pretty blonde middle class country girl, posted on Facebook how she is scared right now. I wish she could understand that is how millions of good Americans feel everyday of their of lives in this country.
  6. That isn’t justifying any of the violence that has happened tonight, but it can't be surprising. People, both individually and collectively, reach breaking points.