I'll admit I am not a catch myself by any means. But I think when I eventually do re-enter the dating world, hopefully in healthier and more confident headspace, here are a few shallow and not so shallow dating Dealbreakers I will stick to.
  1. Has House pets that are not cats or dogs.
    No birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, rodents, rabbits, or other farm animals and exotic pets. And I'm actually fine with someone that doesn't have or want pets at all.
  2. Is an Atheist
    It took me a very long time (and being married to a Pastor) to be comfortable with labeling myself a Christian as an adult. I have nothing against atheists, but I've leaned that common ground in faith is something I desire in a relationship.
  3. Is a Libertarian
    I have not knowingly dated someone that identifies as a Republican since one single Internet girlfriend in High School. But have dated a few "apolitical libertarian leaning" ladies. Life is too short to fight those battles in love. I need someone who is True Blue just like me, which doesn't mean we have to align 100% politically all the time.
  4. Doesn't like Butt Stuff
    And I mean equal opportunity butt stuff.
  5. Hates Sports
    Being a sports fan is problematic sure. But I love sports. If that truly bothers you then it's not going to work.
  6. Uses the phrase "I'm not like other girls".
    Or other signs of internalized misogyny being a personality trait they are conformable with.
  7. Doesn't trust me when I say I don't like to be teased about something.
    I can laugh at myself very easily, but certain things are too sensitive and should be respected as such whenever you specify. And you shouldn't have to ask twice (or many more times over).
  8. Doesn't tip or tip well.
    I'm an over tipper and not ashamed of it. I don't fault someone for being frugal, but that is no excuse for not taking care of the service people who take care of us.
  9. Doesn't want kids.
    Before I had started dating my ex-wife I would not have said this. But having now actually experienced a loving, happy, healthy, serious relationship I have come to realize that having children is a bigger priority to me than I previously knew.