First 7..Err..Make that 10 Jobs

There are few more odd jobs I've skipped over because I don't want to even remember them all.
  1. Landscaper (ages 12-14)
    Not just "lawn mowing" although there was plenty of that. I was a grunt for a family fiend's landscaping company. I also did a lot of de-weeding flower beds and climbing up trees to prune branches.
  2. Farmhand (ages 14-16)
    Worked on a few local farms mostly collecting and stacking Hay bales.
  3. Port-a-potty cleaner (age 16)
    Worked with one of my best friends on a crew that traveled to construction sites cleaning out port-a-potties. It was gross, but far from the worst job I ever had.
  4. Racquet Club Assistant (ages 16-17)
    My high school did not have tennis courts so we played at the local tennis club. It was fancy in the 80s, but by late 90s had become quite run down with a revolving door of tennis pros. One of the pros took a shine to me hired me to help with maintenance and the occasional lesson, whatever came up.
  5. Movie Theater (ages 17-18)
    Worked concessions, ticket booth, and even occasionally projectionist (which was always my favorite). Got to see a lot of free movies including several cult classics that others didn't discover until much later on home video: Office Space, The Iron Giant, The Boondock Saints.
  6. Contributing Writer (ages 18-19)
    Toward the end of summer after graduating high school I didn't have firm college or work plans. My local newspaper was hiring a freelance writer. I got hired and they like me enough to keep me around and give me a few exclusive beats to cover.
  7. Sportswriter (ages 19-20)
    I next got hired on by the Austin American-Statesman to be a freelance sportswriter covering local high school football and basketball. Was in the newsroom on 9/11 and it was quite an experience to say the least.
  8. Public Relations (age 19)
    The local community theater I grew up being involved in hired me as a short public relations intern. Was paid a stipend to handle all PR for events and shows and even ended up coordinating a revival of a long-running heritage festival as a fundraiser.
  9. Title clerk (age 20)
    File clerk for a title company in a ritzy area of West Austin.
  10. Sound/Music Apprentice
    With the Texas Shakespeare Festival. Created sound designs and helped compose original music for the season's schedule, including live performance mixes, and maintaining all sound equipment. It was a great experience but also made me realize that I was more interested in performing and directing than I was with technical theater.