Game Shows I would like to appear on.

  1. Sports Jeopardy
    Only currently airing TV sports trivia game show I'm aware of.
  2. Jeopardy
    Have wanted to be on this show since I was a kid.
  3. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
    Been listening and dreaming of competing on it since I was a kid. Would also be happy to be a guest panelist one day.
  4. Family Feud
    Can't imagine participating with any of my current family, but maybe I'll find my way into a family again one day that could compete.
  5. The Chase
    Love this rapid paced head to head and team based trivia.
  6. Wipeout
    I don't think this is even in the air anymore. But I used to watch it and loved the idea of competing in the wacky obstacle course.