How I spent my Hiatus

  1. Watched seasons 2-5 of "The Office".
    Just because I needed some laughs. Although it is more painful now than ever to watch Jim & Pam pine over each other.
  2. Voted early
    And very proudly for Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the United States. And on her 69th Birthday, no less.
  3. Read (and loved) "Tuesday Nights in 1980" by Molly Prentiss.
  4. Went on zero job interviews 😡
    But I did make $99 selling some of my junk at a garage sale 💸
  5. My wife paid off our tax bill for 2015 in full without any input from me.
    I was obviously not going to be able to contribute anything right away. Would have needed to set-up a payment plan with IRS. But now it's taken care of. I would like to think it's an altruistic move, but feels a bit like a pay off.
  6. She also set a court date to finalize our divorce - November 28th.
    I found out via a certified letter front be court and not from her. Even though she promised me that she would tell me herself.
  7. I have hand-written a nearly 30 page letter to her.
    Expressing myself and my thoughts and feelings in as much painstaking detail as possible. Ultimately I wanted it to be a final plea for hope saving our marriage. Not even sure I'm going to send it now.
  8. Lucky, the five year-old tabby cat pictured here, has been missing for nearly a week and is presumed dead.
    He was the last remaining family pet in a line of pets that goes back as far as my being born. There has been so much loss in 2016.
  9. Participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk in Austin, TX.
    Over 1,200 people were there. Had grown a lot since I last participated in 2012. Team Travis didn't raise a lot of money this year, but we had 15 friends and family there representing.
  10. Found out that has taken away re-listing but added direct messaging.
    I'd rather have re-listing. Already have direct messaging that I never use on other social media platforms.