Inspired by @brimattia
  1. I don't like coffee.
  2. I don't like men.
    Not specifically in a sexual manner, but rather I don't like patriarchy and the general terribleness of what men are capable of.
  3. Yes, I am a man. So I don't like myself.
    That's been true for a very long time. Long before I knew was feminism was. And I learned to hate myself at a young age because as a boy I was taught to either internalize my anger, fear, and hurt or to project it outward onto completely innocent parties.
  4. You know what actually helps me like myself a little bit: Feminism.
    Imagine that. I stand firm in my belief that most unhappy men would be better off by embracing a little bit of equality, instead of running in the opposite direction.
  5. And that is not to say that those unhappy men should embrace feminism just as ploy to get more women interested in playing with your private parts.
    I've been accused of such and would only be upset by it if that was my intention, which it is not.
  6. Maybe I do like my men like I like my coffee.
    Which is to say I like a Starbucks coffee. A place where there are many different flavors and sizes and temperatures coffee available and happily existing together in the same place for a common good.