1. Being on the verge of falling asleep but suddenly perking back up and not getting to sleep until much much later.
    I am typing this list right now during a stellar qualifying heat of this event.
  2. Finishing leftovers in a timely manner regardless of the type of meal.
    I don't understand people who want to cook something else when you still have an already prepared meal waiting to be finished. Yes, I will eat leftover Beef Stroganoff for breakfast.
  3. Being devastated by delayed consequences due to inaction after getting emotionally overwhelmed and tuning out.
    It's not even that I have a fear of confrontation or put things off endlessly to avoid dealing with them. I just have a tragic tendency to shut down and forget about important things that come back to haunt me.
  4. Figuring out who was that guy or girl in that thing you saw that one time.
    See also: what was the name of that thing.
  5. "Colonel Angus"
    I'm not one to brag about sexual prowess, for many reasons, but at least I have this going for me.