If Netflix's Stranger Things was made in 1983, here is who I think would be the cast.

Taking the setting of the most buzzed about show of the summer and combining it with my love of dream casting.
  1. Nancy: Diane Lane
    Early 80s Diane Lane could pull off "Girl next door" with charm and depth.
  2. Eleven: Winona Ryder
    She was still 3 years away from her debut in "Lucas" but I can't resist this perfect casting.
  3. Mike: Ethan Hawke
    "Explorers" (released in 1985) is clearly a big influence and I am tempted to steal all their casting.
  4. Joyce: Jill Clayburgh
    She was in a great run of terrific performances from late 70s/early 80s.
  5. Chief Hopper: Brian Dennehy
    Would give him chance to play an outwardly similar but ultimately very different character he was often cast as in that era.
  6. Jonathan: Timothy Hutton
    Fresh off "Ordinary People" & "Taps" perfect for the loner, older brother.
  7. Steve: James Spader
    A perfect precursor to Blaine. Although I can make case for Matt Dillon as Steve and Spader as his truly psycho buddy.
  8. Will: Lukas Haas
    Maybe Wil (Wheaton) here.
  9. Dustin: Corey Feldman
  10. Lucas: Alfonso Ribeiro
  11. Dr. Martin Brenner: Klaus Kinski
  12. Karen Wheeler: Kate Jackson
    Mike & Nancy's put upon mom who is always trying.
  13. Barb: Cynthia Nixon
    Because I always thought Miranda got taken for granted as well.