If there was a Marvel's The Avengers movie released in early 2000s, this is who I would've cast.

Inspired by @optionjoe Using the line-up from Joss Whedon's 2012 film.
  1. Edward Norton
    Tony Stark/Iron Man
  2. Matt Damon
    Steve Rogers/Captain America
  3. Russell Crowe
  4. Jude Law
  5. Guy Pearce
    Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  6. Josh Charles
    Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  7. Padget Brewster
    Natasha Romanov/Black Widow
  8. Bradley Whitford
    Agent Phil Coulson
  9. Samuel L Jackson
    Nick Fury
  10. Sanaa Latham
    Agent Maria Hill