Internet Name Generator Aliases

I'm always a sucker for thematic internet name generator. Here some of my faves over the years I've not forgotten.
  1. Horace Pennifold
    Harry Potter name. A Hufflepuff Magic historian.
  2. Rohar Camperion
    Westeros/Game of Thrones name. Born into service of House Baratheon but marries into House Martel.
  3. Whesti Oceanblast
    Star Wars name. A dark master of the Sith from Roon.
  4. Bruce "Agent Zero AKA The Marksman" Jones
    Secret Agent/Spy Name.
  5. Wicked Genius
    Wu Tang Clan member name.
  6. Valentine Thurston
    Fancy Gentleman name. I've actually used this alias a few times.
  7. Ira Hopper Syd {Last Name Redacted}
    Hipster Baby Name generator. Actually not so bad if you remove "Hopper".