1. Cried myself to sleep last night.
    I love Halloween but now I'm thinking about how tough the rest of the upcoming holidays are going to be.
  2. Went to four different stores today looking for clearance Halloween candy. Specifically the Reese's Pumpkins, but didn't find any.
    Christmas stuff was already being stocked on the seasonal aisles so I was able to grab a bag of Reese's Trees. I prefer their seasonal treats to the classic Reese's Cup.
  3. I was forced to shop at a Hobby Lobby today to get material to finish my costume for the production of "Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" I am performing in that opens on Friday.
    I try to stay away from Hobby Lobby for completely legitimate in my mind political reasons, but they are a half hour closer to me than the nearest comparable store. Besides I less than $3 there.
  4. After checking out of Hobby Lobby O was confronted by a Trump supporter (he was the wearing the "Make America Great Again" hat and equally garish red Trump tee). He just asked me if I was voting for Trump. I said "No, I already voted proudly and happily for Hillary Clinton!" And he replied "Alright, Thank you" and kept waking.
    Actually kind of disappointed that he was polite about it. Would not have minded telling him off more had he pressed the issue.