Movies I love that need a proper DVD release/reissue.

Most of these are available from sellers for far too high of prices, obsolete formats, or unsure quality.
  1. Gleaming the Cube
    Completes the Christian Slater teen heartthrob trilogy alongside "Heathers" and "Pump up the Volume".
  2. Dancer, TX Pop. 81
    A charming coming of age film from Tim McCanlies (The Iron Giant, Secondhand Lions).
  3. Drop Dead Gorgeous
    This mockumentary about small town beauty pageant has a rabid cult following and deserves a massive reissue to gain even more fans.
  4. Lawn Dogs
    First time I saw and fell in love with Sam Rockwell, and a young Mischa Barton is wonderful in this quirky tale about an unexpected friendship.
  5. The Mambo Kings
    Loved this movie about Cuban brothers making their mark in America as musicians.
  6. The Zoo Gang
    I saw this movie once on TV some random Saturday probably 25 years ago. I remember liking it a lot, but have no idea how it holds up. Would like to find out.
  7. Brainscan
    An itnteractive video game because a living nightmare for a teen.