1. The Song of the Summer (Overrated)
    I detest the endless arguing over and jockeying for "song of the summer" status. Once upon a time it just happened organically, now it's painful.
  2. Subway (Underrated)
    Putting all Jared Fogle creepiness and unfunny jokes aside I'm happy they are a commonplace "fast food" establishment with some actual non-fried options. Not my favorite sandwich by any means, but does alright in a pinch.
  3. Binge watching (Overrated)
    I've started limiting my tv watching to an episode or two at a time and mixing in a few shows at once. It feels good to give something you enjoy time to breath and simmer in your mind.
  4. Rebound sex (Underrated)
    I'm not having any yet, but I hope to be doing so very soon.