People I feel guilty admitting that I was sexually attracted to.

Most of these were fleeting, thankfully.
  1. Anna Nicole Smith
    By the time of the tragic end to her tragic life I felt less guilty.
  2. Jenny McCarthy
    Something about those early 90s Blonde Playboy models.
  3. Zack Morris
    I mostly just loved the hair and waited to steal it.
  4. Kelly Rippa
    Started on All My Children many years ago when she was a brunette bad girl, but has never really gone away. And I don't care for her talk show at all.
  5. Ashelee Simpson
    I dunno.
  6. Kristen Cavallari
    Something about her reminds me of severals girls I was into in High School that were just awful people.
  7. Kourtney Kardashian
    Ditto from above.
  8. Selena Gomez
    Because I feel like a creep since she still looks so young.
  9. Stacy Dash
    For reasons that are probably obvious.
  10. Christine O'Donnell
    Always abhorred her as a person, but has a weird crush on her in late 90s.