Just venting here.
  1. Islamophobia
    Just GTFO you ignorant idiots. Terrorists are not driven by religion or God. They are created as a reaction to and byproduct of an endless cycle of war, violence, and injustice perpetrated by those entrenched in power and wealth. Your bigotry is just fuel for the fire and will have no place on any path to peace.
  2. Pokemon Go naysayers or critics
    I haven't the first clue about anything Pokemon related and have no interest in finding out, but I have even less interest in the barrage of delusional and petty hyper vigilante critics trying to knock down something harmless that makes people happy just because they themselves don't understand it. Many people from the previous bullet point fall into this category as well.
  3. People upset that a female led Ghostbusters movie exists.
    See many of the same reasons from above. You are just stupid and misogynistic. Get a life and get over it.
  4. All Lives Matter
    Which really means "My life matters! And I don't actually care about other lives. I can't see past my own pathetic existence".