Things I need to do with my life

  1. Find a job
    Out of work since March. Everything else on the list is helped out greatly by accomplishing this.
  2. Get my own place to live
    I've started looking, but can't afford anything on my own or with roommates currently.
  3. Find a counselor or therapist
    Will of be easier when I have a job and health insurance, but need to look into other options as well.
  4. Start eating better
    I'm not one to jump into a particular diet fad or plan, but I need to start eating healthier the ways I have in the past.
  5. Start exercising more.
    Lost my gym membership when I moved at the beginning of May. Can't afford to find a new gym in the area right now, just need to start working out at home and playing tennis, etc..
  6. Stay away from my estranged wife's social media accounts
    Same goes for her friends and family. It just makes me feel bad. I hope in time to be able to rebuild some of those bridges, but my heart and sanity can not take it right now.