Inspired by @Peppergirl
  1. Don't let Mr. Lorenz take advantage of you.
    He seems cool and supportive of you, but he is a creep and loser.
  2. Find a way to stay involved with Tennis even through the end of Senior year.
    Don't have a falling out with Coach Johnson, you'll miss that relationship.
  3. Start preparing for college NOW.
    You do okay in school without trying very hard but college is worth striving and trying for. Don't worry about what college or what major yet. That will sort it self out in time, but don't wait for it.
  4. Ask out more of the girls you like.
    You'll be surprised by how many of them are interested in you, and while none of them are likely to be great loves. It's better than doing nothing. And if they say no, it's not the end of the world.
  5. Go on that family vacation in summer of '99.
    You missed out on so much quality time with your family, some of whom won't be around for much longer.
  6. Be there for your little bother.
    Even though we're already closer than even at this point, stay involved and don't let yourself get too estranged. You might not be able to change the tragic end of his life at such a young age, so don't force it. Just be there as much as possible. Be an inspiration for him.
  7. If you stay in Austin or Texas in general for college, move away immediately after graduating.
    Several of the most important people of your life you will meet in Austin between 18 and 21, but you can venture out to NYC, Chicago, or somewhere else for five or six years. Just be back in Central Texas by the time you are 28 for the next big & great thing coming in your life.
  8. The first time you see her and she sees you, she will be instantly smitten with you, but you don't actually meet then.
    Change that. Introduce yourself. Start falling in love with each other a year and half earlier. You'll be so much happier to have the extra time.
  9. Tell her everything.
    Don't hold back any part of yourself. You can trust her and she will accept you.
  10. Stay on your meds, stay in therapy.
    Don't stop working on yourself. Do the work.
  11. Be bold and confident in yourself.
    In life, love, and with your career. Nothing will ever go as planned.
  12. Don't get trapped by your sense of duty.
    Your loved ones are far from perfect, but your support and self-sacrifice isn't going to heal you or make anyone else happy.
  13. Write.
    Write all the time. Never stop writing. And keep it all.