Eventually I will have to accept that my marriage is over without much chance of reconciliation. I have plenty of work to do on myself to be healthier in life & love; but these are some things that would be helpful for my next partner to know about me for times when I don't express myself well enough.
  1. If I am listening to Black Sabbath for a long period of time by myself..
    It means I am sad or angry, but I am going to be okay again very soon.
  2. If I am listening to The Smiths for a long period of time by myself..
    It means I am sad & depressed and having trouble reaching out for help. Reach out.
  3. I don't mind giving up a bite of my food at a restaurant.
    But if a second bite is desired then we're putting in another order.
  4. I am a fidgety sleeper.
    Toss and turn even on the best night's sleep. I love to fall asleep spooning, but don't take it personal when I have to pull away at some point or else I will never get rest. I think cuddling more during the waking hours would help balance it out and promote healthier physical intimacy.
  5. The most self conscious I am about my appearance is my smile.
    Had bad teeth growing up, mostly better now, but still not comfortable with a toothy smile. I've been told that I smile more with my eyes than my mouth. I hope to find someone that can appreciate that.
  6. I am told that I am hard to shop for.
    This is because I am not as interested in things or stuff. I prefer experience over objects. But I am introverted so I don't on my own seek out social events in public as much. Take me to a carnival, an amusement park, a street festival, a concert, a sporting event. The activity and sharing it with someone I love is what makes me most happy.
  7. I can get chatty during movie or TV watching at home.
    I know it's annoying and distracting, but I will try my best to curb my commentary until a commercial break or other appropriate moment.
  8. I'm sure there are more I will think of later, but this will do for now.