Assumptions based on my age, race, gender, and previously established things I am interested in.
  1. Video games
    I don't hate video games. I liked paying them in the arcade when I was a kid, but have never been into home systems or PC gaming.
  2. Fantasy sports
    I love sports. Probably more than I should. And I am even quite the stats geek too, but fantasy sports doesn't interest me at all.
  3. The Big Bang Theory
    I hate this show with a passion. Give me "Community" or "Silicon Valley" or "Freaks & Geeks" or "The IT Crowd" for covering similar ground in a way that is not grating and offensive to good taste.
  4. Doctor Who
    Don't hate it, but just isn't my thing. And I get disappointed in geeky friends of mine who act like anything less than compete adoration and obsession with the show is heresy. I don't treat people that way who aren't into the things I love.
  5. Atheism
    I was raised Catholic, spent most adult life as a professed Agnostic, but ended up married to a Methodist preacher that made me happy to consider myself a Christian again. I am still a Christian, even with my marriage falling apart. And I don't see that ever changing because it's always been a part of me.
  6. Renaissance faires
    Have a number of friends who work in or are just very active in Ren faires and love it. I have a healthy interest in Medieval history and the Renaissance period of Art & culture; but again nothing about these "Ren faires" piques my interest. Same goes for any sort of historical reenactment situation.
  7. LARPing
    No. Just no. "Role Models" is enough for me.
  8. Anime/Mangas
    I love comics, especially culturally diverse ones, but this is a subculture I don't get at all.
  9. Glee
    I had never even heard of "show choir" before this series, but I found it to be everything I don't like about musical theatre ramped up times ten.
  10. Pretty much any performing arts competition reality show.
    American Idol, America's Got Talent, any of the dancing shows, etc.