I don't classify myself as anti-social in he broadest sense, but I have had periods of my life where it has been a dominate force.
  1. I did not go to Prom.
    Or any after-parties.
  2. I did not go to any parties on Graduation Night.
    I went and saw "Mission Impossible II" by myself after the grad ceremony.
  3. I did not go to the homecoming football game or dance my senior year.
    I had dental surgery that same day, so I was tripping balls on pain meds. Probably got the better deal.
  4. I did not attend my 10 year or 15 year class reunions.
    Despite the fact that I happened to be in town when both occurred. What even is the point with reunions these days. Everyone keeps tabs of who they want on social media.
  5. I did not go on the Senior Trip.
    Can not even remember where or what it was, just know that I didn't go and can't remember what I did instead.