These are, without a doubt, the best comics that came out this week. Don't agree? It doesn't matter because God is dead and life is meaningless.
  1. Batman #1 (DC)
    This shit was fast paced and Batman (Bruce Wayans) ejector-seated out of the Batcar onto the top of an airplane. Fuck yes!
  2. Star Wars #20 (Marvel)
    It was another tale from the journals of BossKenobi. He fought a big hairy guy (obviously a rip off of Chewbacka) and Luke Skykiller saved the day. Pretty fukin' good.
  3. Vote Loki #1 (Marvel)
    Lokey is running for president, or is he? I guess we'll find out in this issue. The answer is yes. I like Lokey and and wouldn't mind letting a guy like him take on those libtards and cuntservatives in Washington. He said he's a god Coke to save us. I mean, give me all that you got.