Other than Naruto, I am not a big fan of Traditional Japanese Anime... Here is a list of animated shows that are great and stand out from the rest. (These shows aren't traditional Japanese Anime's). Here are some that are not the popular ones (Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc...)
  1. Rick and Morty
    This show is probably my favorite of the three, it is so crazy and over the top, and very very funny. If you like crazy situations and insanely creative ideas (props to the writers), than this show is perfect.
  2. Bob's Burgers
    If you are looking for a lighthearted, family sitcom; this one stands out... You get easily attached to the characters and you get caught in their world. It is hilarious and very easy to follow and easy to watch.
  3. Brickleberry
    This show isn't the greatest, but it made the list simply because of the unique setting of a National Park, and of course... Daniel Tosh is always funny. It is pretty funny and entertaining to watch.