1. Ain't No Sunshine x Bill Withers
    This was the first song I learned to play on the guitar and sing, it's also the first song I ever recorded. It's also a great song.
  2. La Vie En Rose x Edith Piaf or Louis Armstrong
    This is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever listened to... It is the first song I learned on the Ukulele and it's reminds me of some great things in my life. My favorite song released before 2000. Also, Lady Gaga's version was PHENOMENAL.
  3. Sweater Weather x The Neighbourhood
    This song is probably my favorite song that was released after the year 2000. The instrumentals fit so perfectly with each other you barely notice they are there, until you do and your mind is blown.
  4. Hotel California x The Eagles
    This is just a classic, amazing song. This is probably my favorite song released before the year 2000 (besides La Vie En Rose).
  5. A Day In The Life x The Beatles
    The Beatles are my favorite band of all time and this is my favorite song by them... I can't explain what I hear when I listen to this song, but it's just an amazing song.