1. Rick and Morty
    I absolutely love this show. I've binge watched this show for the past week, and i'm almost already done with season 2. This show is hilarious and it is very entertaining with the creative adventures and different universe's. I highly recommend it if you like funny, crazy shows or if you like cartoons.
  2. Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life
    Although this show was recently cancelled, the episodes that they aired were funny and easy to follow. It wasn't the best show and i'm not super surprised that it was cancelled, but it had a good run. If you are looking for a short, simple sitcom to watch, here you go... (Even though they only aired 13 episodes).
  3. The Real O'neals
    I started this show over the summer and I am caught up with live tv... This show is very funny and keeps up with current social issues and situations, while giving it a funny undertone. If you are looking for a modern, lighthearted sitcom, here's a good one for you.