1. Katy Perry
    She's a goddess with a style that's outta this world 👽 At the top of my list is "Birthday" 🎂 The music video is gold (they all are)!
  2. Rammstein
    Angry German industrial metal 🤘my favorite is "Sonne" ☀️
  3. Kraftklub
    German indie-rap with the "flavor" that I've been craving and searching for for years. Look at "Randale", "Scheissindiedisco", and "Drei Schüße in die Luft" 🔫🔫🔫
  4. Breathe Carolina
    ⚡️Electro-rock⚡️ It all started when "Blackout" hit the radio
  5. Ellie Goulding
    Soothing, yet fun and upbeat voice. I fell in love with "Lights", and it's been a love affair ever since
  6. System of a Down
    I hated them all throughout high school, but after seeing them in concert at Rock im Park in Nürnberg, I was sold! Now I can't stop listening to "Forest" and "Toxicity".
  7. Peter Fox
    German reggae-hip-hop. A sound like no other. Check out "Alles Neu"