1. Denial
    "Ehhh I'll be fine! I didn't need to leave any earlier. I won't be late."
  2. Anger
    "Wait. What is this what is happening. Who are all these people? WHAT IS THIS TRAFFIC?!?"
  3. Bargaining
    "Please please please don't let me be late I'll leave early next time I'll donate money to charity I'll donate TIME to charity just PLEASE don't let me be late please please please!"
  4. Depression
    "This is it. I'm going to be late. I'll never be invited anywhere again. Better get used to being alone buddy! Because no one will want to hang out WITH A LATE PERSON."
  5. Acceptance
    "It's fine, people are late all the ti- Oh hey, wait, I'm here. I'm actually a couple minutes early? Cool."