1. Woke up when I felt like it
    7:30 sonnnn
  2. Lil bit of yoga
    Not getting any younger
  3. Breakfast with the guys
    Free omelette and coffee?! Check please!
  4. Bought donuts for the crew
    They work so hard and also I wanted the excuse to say it's my birthday!!
  5. Made sure I was getting Facebook posts
    Who isn't writing on my wall?!?
  6. Stared expectantly at strangers as if they should've known it was my day
    Why doesn't everyone know??
  7. Ate leftovers for lunch
    Quinoa for this keen wad (I'm very upset at this)
  8. Snapchatted a bunch of folks the middle finger
    @jwolfsnaps if you're interested
  9. Read my tweets from the past year
    There are some good ones in there (@jwolftweets if you're interested)
  10. Researched an art piece I liked
    A version of Time Drags by Stephen ESPO Powers
  11. Watched James Bond 007 Skyfall
    Catching up before Bond 24
  12. Dinner with a pretty girl
  13. Made this list