For James Bond, sex is a tool. This list covers movies where I think if Bond DIDN'T seduce someone (sex or the promise of), he would have lost, and omitted films where I think his sleeping with someone was extraneous to the plot or had no ultimate effect (i.e. the woman was CIA, and would have done her job regardless). Written with incredulity.
  1. From Russia with Love
    Tatiana Romanova is assigned to seduce and trick Bond, but he flips it on her and convinces her to defect. Later, Romanova shoots Rosa Klebb, saving Bond.
  2. Goldfinger
    Bond overpowers/rapes Pussy Galore*. The next day, she replaces the nerve gas with a harmless substance and alerts the government about Goldfinger's plans, allowing Bond and the military to stop the atomic device. *this is how I read the situation. She's repeatedly said "No thanks" all movie, and tries to judo fight Bond when he corners her in the barn. This specific scene/movie inspired this list I just couldn't believe the explanation at the end was "Bond loved her so good she saved America."
  3. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    Per the request of her father in exchange for information, Bond seduces Contessa Teresa "Tracy" di Vencenzo, who falls in love with him. She follows Bond to Switzerland, and aids his escape from Piz Gloria (at some point in here Bond actually falls in love with Tracy too, to his credit).
  4. Diamonds are Forever
    A bit of a stretch but here goes. Bond attracts Plenty O'Toole, and invites her back to his hotel room. She is thrown out of a window by the gangsters pursuing Bond, and in an attempt to get closer to him, sneaks into Tiffany Case's house, where she is killed by Wint and Kidd. Case, because she sees the drowned O'Toole, is spurred into action to help Bond.
  5. Moonraker
    Bond beds Hugo Drax's personal pilot Corinne Dufour, who helps Bond discover blueprints for a glass vial manufactured in Venice. Bond's trip to Venice drives his investigation and the plot forward (Drax later sics his hunting dogs on Dufour, in a Game of Thrones style death that would make Ramsay Snow proud).
  6. Licence to Kill
    This one is a little gray area, but I'll include. Bond seduces Pam Bouvier, former pilot and now gun-for-hire, and I believe it is Bouvier's feelings for Bond that keep her around and aiding Bond's crusade against Franz Sanchez. Bond also beds Sanchez's girlfriend Lupe Lamora, who falls in love with him. I'm torn on whether he needed to sleep with her; she seemed on the edge of turning on Sanchez without that little push.
  7. Tomorrow Never Dies
    Bond sleeps with his ex-lover Paris Carver, current wife of villainous media mogul Elliot Carver. I don't remember if Paris provides necessary information to Bond or if it's just a tryst, but included it as proof of Bond's use of sex to further his own goals, without thought of consequence. He gains little or nothing from Paris, but her indiscretion leads directly to her death at the hands of her husband's hitman.
  8. The World is Not Enough
    Again another gray area for me. Bond sleeps with Elektra King, the woman he is sent to protect. Bond later determines that, because the terrorist Renard has intimate information about Bond only King would have, that Renard and King are working together. Fun twist here though: King uses sex as a tool too, using her relationship with Bond as a smokescreen and ploy to confuse him.
  9. Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace
    Does Bond's relationship with Vesper Lynd lead to her leaving Bond breadcrumbs to Mr White/Quantum? If she didn't care for him, would she have done that? He doesn't seem to be faking it with her, but I wanted to include Lynd anyway because his relationship with her is so integral to the films' plots. I'll say Bond bedding Strawberry Fields is either unnecessary OR he did it so she'd give him a bit of a leash, the latter being the more typical case of Bond manipulating women to get what he wants.